Kim Kardashian Sex Tape Full


If you are looking for the Kim Kardashian Sex Tape Full version online for free you’ll notice that Kim’s legal team has gone through drastic measures to assure that all free sex video copies have been removed. We have done our research and it has been quite a doozey trying to find the full version, and not just a looped clip, without legal notices or the risk of downloading a virus. It is possibly these tactics that have made VIVID’s Kim K Superstar sex tape the worlds #1 selling sex tape in history.

The Kim Kardashian and Ray J sex tape was released officially by VIVID, and is shown in its entirety for a small fee ($5 for a 3 day trial). This membership also gains you unlimited access to other celebrity sex tapes like: Erica Lynne is Badd, starring Erica from season 2 of the Oxygen network’s show Bad Girls Club, MySpace celebrity and reality star Tila Tequila, and perhaps one of the most popular sex tapes in existence, Pam Anderson and Tommy Lee, plus many more official celebrity sextapes.


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Kanye and Kim Sex Tapes, plural “S”?

Sources have said that there are 2, count them 1 – 2, sex tapes of Kimye floating around. The Kim Kardashian and Kanye West sex tape is being denied by the couple currently. Since it is obvious that she has grabbed so much fame over her first sex tape with R&B siger Ray J, why not step up and release the Kim and Kanye sex tape?

Since the divorce proceedings are still going on with ex Kris Humphries, and the tape was supposedly filmed at the beginning of their marriage, releasing the tape at this point would only prove that Kim was unfaithful costing her mucho dinero.

So if not Kim then who? The couple is sticking to the story that Kim Kardash doppelganger Jasmine Mony Monn is the robust woman in the videos. Honestly it’s pretty hard to tell them apart.

Mony Monn, was reportedly given old, unreleased pics of Kim to upload onto her Facebook along with somewhere near six-figures to aid in the cover-up!

Mony denies any connection with the scandal or having a sex tape at all. She even made a tweetment threatening to sue whoever started the rumor.

We shall see how this all pans out soon enough…

Kanye fucked girls while watching Kim Kardashian sex tape!?

“We know this because he’s been chasing her for almost three years, rapping about her and allegedly going as far as trying to ruin her past relationship with Reggie Bush, and now it’s been revealed that Kanye use to put on Kim K’s hardcore homemovie with Ray J. while sleeping with random women.

TMZ is publishing this effed up little factoid today, pointing to unnamed “multiple sources” that before scoring the real thing West would turn on Kim’s sex tape while giving some fuck to past girlfriends/groupies/(probably) high class escorts.”

Um.. who hasn’t done that? I think we all have fucked random girls and or ourselves while watching the Kim K Superstar tape.

Rumor has it there may be a Kanye and Kim sex tape leaking soon. We, of course, will keep you posted.

In the mean time check out the Kim Kardashian sex tape for yourself.